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For over 30 years the Broken Prophet has been helping the community through hoodoo, a sacred tradition that was passed down from his blessed grandmother. His no fluff, no mess delivery is not for everyone but for those who his message resonates with, if you have a need; he will find the time. A national treasure & a global icon, this servant of the spirits is committed to helping the needs of his community and abroad.



How Does it Work? Prophet Lou coined the term "Consultation" versus "Reading".  The Prophet reads from Spirit into your situation.  But it is a consultation between you, Prophet, and The Spirit.  It is a conversation back and forth.  The Prophet doesn't do "General Readings".  He takes this seriously and isn't here for psychic entertainment.  Have your questions in order and ready so that you get the most out of your experience. 

BOOKING:  The simplest and most cost efficient way to book is through Cash App or Venmo. Once you select your reading length and send your donation, text (404) 850-1024 and provide your name( also CashApp/Venmo name).  Once I've confirmed payment, we'll go over what time and date works best for us both.  

Prophet Lou's Payment info: 

Cash App $tatalou

Venmo: @Prophet Lou

15 mins- $71.00

30 mins- $121.00

1 hour-   $250.00

If your consultation involves Spiritual Work being done on your behalf, we'll talk about costs and mutual


CLASSES:  The Prophet Teaches multiple classes outside of his bootcamps and Fast Classes.  They are the same donation amount as the consultations.  Just add "Class" and what type of class you desire in the comment section of either Cashapp or Venmo.

For Per Minute Readings Via Keen see buttons below.  Current Specials are First 3 minutes FREE and 10 Minutes for $1.99!




"In Hoodoo, we understand that life as we know it is just one long road from the cradle to the grave. As we travel up this road, we meet our blessing or we get them as they travel down towards us. Sometimes the road gets blocked, either through our own choices or other people. A Road Opening Ritual frees the blockage so that not only can we achieve our blessings but we can keep traveling down our life path. A road opening work will gain you blessings but also free you from the felling of stagnation" ( Being stuck and just spinning your wheels)"

If this describes your need please feel free to book below using CashApp $tatalou or Venmo: @ProphetLou



$25 a class

Check out our fast class series. Pay via CashApp: $tatalou
Venmo: @ProphetLou


Need to contact me about something? Reach out, I’d be happy to hear from you. Don't see me online? Send your message here, and be sure to include your email so that I can respond. If you contact me via this form please DO NOT text or send an email about the same issue!

404.850.1024 Text Line

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